Father's Day will be here soon...Give the gift of organization to your loved one or friend. Give them a TieAway!

Get to Know Us


Hello I’m Lee Goodrich. 

I’m a family man, my wife Julie and I have six children and 10 Grandchildren.  I’m a Math and Science teacher of 32 years, during my years of teaching I also coached Football for 12 years and recently finished my 30th year of coaching Track and Field. We love sports, adventure and the outdoors. Tie down straps have been a constant in our lives. Securing canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats, float tubes, lawn mowers, rototillers, camping gear, horse panels, four wheelers, farm equipment, construction equipment and materials and nearly every other conceivable thing is routine. Consequently so has the tangled mass of tie down straps that seems to always await me prior to needing them. Then when the straps are released and stored (wound by hand) in a draw string bag, the straps are somehow transformed into the all too familiar tangled mass.  I formulated a solution to this all too common problem…the TieAway. I made a simple proto type from a card board like material, some blue masking tape and some pvc fittings and electrical tape.  It worked great! So great in fact my family urged me to manufacture and distribute it. I started the patent process nearly 2 years ago and was granted the patent recently from the US Patent office. I hired a draftsman and over the course of several months and modifications, finalized the TieAway. The molds were made and production of the TieAway became a reality. The reviews from my customers have been very gratifying. I know for certain that the TieAway has alieved much frustration and is a great solution to an all too common problem. The TieAway is rugged and ridiculously easy to use and will serve you for years! Your straps will not sun rot when stored in the TieAway…and they will always be ready to use. Watch the video again and see how quickly you can coil and store your straps.


Lee Goodrich