Father's Day will be here soon...Give the gift of organization to your loved one or friend. Give them a TieAway!

Simply... slide it, wind it, then store it!

Organized, Contained and Protected

The TieAway keeps your tie-down straps organized, contained and protected and it is MADE IN THE USA! (straps not included)

The dimensions of the TieAway

Length: 19 in

Width: 6 in

Height: 9 in

The tray has 10 slots measuring 1 and 5/8 in by 4 and 7/8 in.

The slots accomodate up to 1 and 1/2 in straps

The TieAway with Adam Eakle of KSL Outdoors

My son Keith and I spent the day in the side by side  on the Sanpitch trail with Adam. After the trail ride I showed him how to deal with his tangled mess of tie down straps that were loose in the back of his truck...he purchased his TieAway after filming ...check it out by clicking on the link.                                              https://www.facebook.com/ksloutdoors/videos/1698091523606695/ 

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14 Ratchet straps in 1 TieAway

14 Ratchet Straps Stored Conveniently

The TieAway is the Solution


We will even pay the return shipping  if you are not fully satisfied!



I usually have a messy, tangled box full of tie downs. With the TieAway the tie downs are neat, orderly and ready to use when I need them.

Tom Johnson

I keep my TieAway in the trunk all the time now and that is where it will stay! We're constantly tying down bikes and kayaks and with it everything is so organized.

Mandi Tremayne

This was the perfect solution for my tangled mess behind the seat of my truck. Now all my tie down pieces are in one place, untangled, out of the sun and ready to go. This box is simple to use and very convenient. All of my buddies are getting one of these for Christmas this year!

Paul Durrant

Finally there is a case that is easy to use, and where I am able to store my tie down straps out of the weather in a neat organized case. NO MORE ball of tie downs. Thank you TieAway!

Mike Bair

I ordered two for myself a few weeks ago and liked them so much Im giving them as gifts. Thanks for a great product.

Keith G